Hello, most stuff on this website is highly out of date and exists for historical purposes only. All my programs on this website are no longer supported. Some of my programs may receive updates in the future, but most of them will never be updated.

OS Launcher: 2.2.1


OS Launcher - operating systems laucher and manager. Do you want to try Linux or other OS? With OS Launcher is it simple & safe. Just choose OS and program will download it and run it in inside Windows.

Note: This software was called PortableOS to version 1.8.x


29.8.2019: Fixed update server
21.1.2016: OS Database update
30.8.2015: A small update after long time: fixed download links in DB
10.9.2012: OS Database update
3.8.2012: OS Database update
22.5.2012: Database update
30.4.2012: New version 2.2.1
21.4.2012: New version 2.2
3.1.2012: New version 2.0
3.1.2012: PortableOS is renamed! It is now OS Launcher.