OS Launcher: 2.2.1


OS Launcher - operating systems laucher and manager. Do you want to try Linux or other OS? With OS Launcher is it simple & safe. Just choose OS and program will download it and run it in inside Windows.

Note: This software was called PortableOS to version 1.8.x


21.1.2016: OS Database update
30.8.2015: A small update after long time: fixed download links in DB
10.9.2012: OS Database update
3.8.2012: OS Database update
22.5.2012: Database update
30.4.2012: New version 2.2.1
21.4.2012: New version 2.2
3.1.2012: New version 2.0
3.1.2012: PortableOS is renamed! It is now OS Launcher.
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